Bigfoot... Sasquatch... the legend has fascinated the world for generations.  But when a small group of explorers set out deep into the forest in search of fossils, nothing can prepare them for what they'll find.  And nothing can protect them.


SASQUATCH HUNTERS will air again on The Sci-Fi Channel on June 9th at 9am Eastern (check your local listings).  But if you miss it it's always available on DVD in the US and around the world.


Matt Lattimore, star of Primeval passed away on June 4, 2006.  Matt was a talented actor and a truly great person.  He will be greatly missed by the cast and crew of Primeval and by all who knew him.

Check out his web site to see more of his work.


www.flickerscope.comPRIMEVAL is now available on DVD in Japan! Click the image to see the full DVD artwork and click here to visit the Japanese distributor's  web site.


On April 12, 2005, Sony Pictures released Primeval on DVD in North America, under the title Sasquatch Hunters.  It immediately shot into the top 10 for Direct-To-Video rentals and stayed there for six straight weeks!

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