Primeval is the culmination of a long journey for Producer/Director Fred Tepper, but the film itself was created in record time: it was conceived in February 2002 and principal photography wrapped at the end of August.  For an independent film thatís unheard of, and it was only made possible because of the producersí experience and the hard work of everyone in front of and behind the camera.

Film is a collaborative art and Primeval is a great example of that.  It was a true team effort, and with a team as accomplished as the one assembled here, cast included of course, there was never any doubt about the finished result.  Everyone rose to the challenge and exceeded their goals.

Production took place at three locations:  Topanga State Park, Malibu State Park, and Griffith Park, all in Los Angeles.  Other locations had been considered, but the look of the trees in these parks lent themselves to the film in ways that no other location could match.  The twisted, gnarled trees give an eerie feel to the whole film and enhance the mystery and suspense.

Also unusual for a film of this budget is the number of digital visual effects, and their quality.  Utilizing the latest and most powerful animation/visual effects software available, messiah:studio, the award-winning software behind the recent hit film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (and countless other films), the creature is being brought to life in record time and with a quality level previously only available to major studios and multi-million dollar budgets.  In fact, several features were written into the messiah:studio software specifically for Primeval,  something made possible because of The Flickerscope Company's unique partnership with pmG Worldwide, the company behind the multi-award winning messiah:studio. 

Working with a creature designed by famed digital effects artist and designer Taron (Dogma, Battlefield Earth, Spy Kids 2, etc.) and his wife Olivera, Technical Director Ron Griswold has used messiah:studio to create an advanced animation rig that allows us to turn out studio quality animation with an ease previously unimaginable.

And of course you can't have a Sasquatch without hair, so Worley Laboratories' amazing, and aptly named, Sasquatch plug-in for LightWave is being used.  The quality of the fur/hair and the amount of control over its application are crucial in matching the look to the live-action costume.  In fact, several scenes require applying a digital head to the suit, and the match is perfect.

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Primeval cast. Dr. Helen Gilbert
(Amy Shelton-White)
Janet Combs
(Stacey Branscombe)
Roger Gordon &
Brian Stratton
(Matt Lattimore
& David Zelina)
Roger Gordon
(Matt Lattimore)
 Dr. Helen Gilbert
(Amy Shelton-White)
Makeup effects being 
applied to "Brian."
Dr. Ethan Edwards
(Gary Sturm)
Spencer Combs
(Rick Holland)
Louise Keaton
(Juliana Dever)
Roger Gordon fends
off the creatures.
Tom Zimmerman
works on the
dead bear.
Fred Tepper
directs the Rangers.
Director of
Photography Lowell
Peterson, ASC
lines up a shot.
Cast and crew
watch the video tap.